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How To Care For Your Oven In These Easy Steps

An oven is one of the most used kitchen equipment especially when it’s a holiday, baking, roasting just name it goes on in the oven. Sometimes we forget that cleaning the oven is also as important as doing the dishes.

In this write up we will be discussing the reasons why you need to care for your oven, types of Ovens and how to clean them.

Reasons why we need to care for your oven

  1. Increase its longevity: your oven is not a human being but with proper maintenance, it helps to increase the usage of your oven and you will get your money’s worth.
  2. Proper Efficiency: with continuous maintenance, your oven will always be operating at its highest performance.
  3. Clean Cooking: Imagine baking a cake and then it tastes like the last fish that was grilled in the oven. That can be very embarrassing especially if your visitors or guest are the ones to tell you that what you baked taste like something else.
  4. Hygienic reasons: Leaving food remnant and spills in your oven can give a breeding room for rats and cockroaches. With Lassa fever around trust me, you don’t want to have a dirty oven.
  5. Safety: Safety is very important, sometimes spilled forgotten food in the oven can catch fire and that could be very dangerous especially when you use an oven gas range.

Types of Ovens and How to Clean or care for them

Nowadays there are different types of ovens ones that are powered by electricity and others that are powered by gas. (You can check our reviews of the best electric and gas double ranges here and here). When it comes to cleaning which can be very tiring after cooking some manufacturers have kept that in mind. The new age ovens now come with a self-cleaning option isn’t that amazing but don’t worry we will also be able to discuss how to manually clean an oven if it doesn’t have a self-cleaning option. But before we start let us list down the types of ovens available now.

  1. Self-Clean Ovens
  2. Self-Clean Ovens with Steam
  3. Manual Clean Ovens

Self-Clean Ovens are just the best you don’t have to do much work all you need to do is clear the oven and press the self-cleaning option. This cycle runs for about 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the brand of the oven. Steam from the oven automatically comes out from the walls and removes and food grim left to the floor of the oven. It converts food residues to ash. After the cycle is run all you need to do is wipe the oven with a wet towel and viola you have a clean oven.

Self-Clean Ovens with Steam are quite simple. First of all, you need to clear the oven, some ovens will require you to leave a cup of water in the oven while the others might require you to spray the oven with water. This cleaning system is very good because it doesn’t need harsh chemicals to be sprayed inside your oven. Press the Self-cleaning cycle and cleaning will be complete depending on the time allotted to the oven for cleaning. After this wipe the oven clean with a cloth.

Our last but not the least is Manual Cleaning Ovens. Most homes have ovens that you have to manually clean or care for, so don’t you worry we will list how to clean your oven in easy steps.

Note: Before we start listing out what to do it is important that you

  • Don’t scrub your oven with a stainless steel sponge because this could scrape the protective covering of the oven.
  • Turn off the gas supply or unplug the oven if it is an electrical one
  • If the oven is still hot after use you can leave it cool down to prevent burns

Steps to manually clean your oven

  1. Take out all the racks, wash them and set aside
  2. Use lukewarm water and mix with your home dishwashing liquid.
  3. Use a soft sponge and clean the tub of your oven, wipe clean.
  4. Also, clean the outer parts of your oven
  5. If you have a glass door for your oven it can be wiped clean with a glass cleaner.
  6. Sometimes there are some tough stains that just wouldn’t budge all you need to do is mix sodium bicarbonate and vinegar to clean it and the stains will come off immediately.

Now we have come to an end of this post we hope you have picked one or two things from this post and will implement it in cleaning your oven. If you have tried any of these cleaning steps above you can share with us your experience in the comment section below.

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