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Celine Dion: Singer’s standout Gucci look is getting all the rave


Celine Dion steps out in a bold top-to-toe Gucci look (except the Hermes handbag) and she’s internet sweetheart at the moment!

The singer stays fashionable one look after the other, playing dress up in designer pieces and she’s getting it in recent times (even when she sports daring looks).
While partially her new stylist; Law Roach is to thank for the recent fierce looks (ever since the singer signed up with the top stylist, her looks have been fire!) the singing sensation who seem to got her style fired up notches months ago makes a recent appearance in top to toe Gucci and it’s getting all the attention.
Her Gucci pyjamas outfit features the Spring 2017 pieces; a duchess satin top with embellished floral details over matching pants paired with Gucci‘s infamous/daring sandals with red latex socks which the singer pulls off effortlessly!
She flaunted the look being adorable and without airs in Paris yesterday 18th July 2017 and she’s getting all the attention. What do you think of her bold look?


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  1. Well I absolutely love her look and she seems to have km such an great personality! Good for it I love it

  2. Celine looks so amazing in everything! She's one of those celebrities who I think have seriously aged so well! I really like her outfit here and love how she looks like she's having a lot of fun!


  3. Love this look on her! The new Gucci pieces are so recognizable

  4. She is not only an amazing singer, she is a fashion icon. I love her 😀

  5. It's a fun look! I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it, but it looks lovely on her.

  6. It's such a fun and chic look. I love how she rock the red shoes to match part of her top. Celine Rocks no matter what

  7. Damn! I LOVE her look.. I have always considered her somebody who stands out in the crowd because of the elegance in her styles – this just proves it to be truer 🙂

  8. This is an interesting look that's for sure. It almost reminds me of a baseball uniform. I love the shoes in the bag.

  9. I think she looks so amazing and notice how happy she looks too!

  10. Celine Dion is indeed an icon. She can standout in any outfit.

  11. I love Celine Dion. She's been through so much, good for her working a new look. I dont think its something that I would wear, but I like it on her.

  12. Gucci collection is always interesting and I love their design. I didn't know her name but I also like this new outfit. Pretty bold and classy.

  13. I loved her look! Her red shoes gives a popup to the entire outfit creating a signature style.

  14. Who does love Celine…she's just awesome! I love this love and she's really rocking it!

  15. She has a great personality.I also love her voice.She looks nice on this outfit!

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